The Soft Power Series

A Monthly Leadership Development Experience hosted by Angie (Morgan) Witkowski

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What's The Soft Power Series?

It's a monthly leadership learning experience designed to help you amplify your power and harness your unique strengths without changing who you are to lead well. 

Angie (Morgan) Witkowski will focus on topics relevant to female leadership and incorporating a supportive culture in the workplace environment. 

Each month Angie will host a 20-minute Live Presentation followed by a Q&A session.

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Session 6
Woman working at laptop with her baby in her lap eating an orange
When Do I Play The Mom Card?

September 15, 2023 | 12pm ET

“I’m leaving early to watch my kid’s basketball game,” says Steve. Wow, Steve is such a committed father. Go Steve. 

“I’m leaving early to watch my kid’s basketball game,” says Stephanie. Didn’t Stephanie leave early last week for her child’s appointment? She’s not really committed to the organization.

Working moms. You know what this is about.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s had to cancel because of a family obligation, but didn’t disclose what the situation was because I didn’t want to play the “mom card.” The mom card is a special card you can play to bow out of obligations. But you can’t play it too often without judgment, ranging from mild to harsh, from those around you.

As we work to normalize outside obligations at work, there are still impressions we have to manage to ensure we convey our commitment to our organization in thought/word/deed. We’ll talk about managing impressions while being honest and setting clear expectations  related to our whole-life priorities.

Session 7
Man and woman arguing with fingers raised towards one another in frustrated gesture
Wait ... Whose Job is More Important, Again?

October 13, 2023 | 12pm ET

If you’ve got a partner, and you both have careers, then it’s inevitable: at key points in your relationship one person will earn more, have more responsibility, and have more demands of their time

During these moments, it’s natural to feel that you need more support than your partner because you’ve got “x” – because of whatever “x” is.                                                                

This is when you need a teammate, not a critic who keeps score – I picked up the kids yesterday, it’s your turn today. I make more money, so you need to take the day off to wait for the electrician. I’m working late on a project, so you can make dinner. 

Relationships are constant tradeoffs. To ensure the tradeoffs feel fair and allow you both to thrive, they have to feel balanced, respect-based, and ego-free. This session provides ideas on how to make your career success feel supported at home to ensure you curb resentment, the kiss of death in any relationship.

Session 8
Field of yellow tulips with one red tulip in bloom in the center
How to Be in a World That Doesn't Look Like You.

November 10, 2023 | 12pm ET

I’m 5’3”. I’m never the loudest in the room. I’ve been told I don’t look “old enough” to be doing the work that I’m doing.

I used to resent my baby face until I learned how to use my size, presence, and stature to my advantage

I’ve got a powerful list of do’s and don’ts for anyone like me who’s ever been underestimated

Here’s one tip: Never wear circle patterns. Before you know it, someone will want to give you a lollipop and you’ll look like a kid on the way to the movies – not a boss on the way to doing business.

Session 9
Woman staring at sunset with mountain on horizon with her arms on her head in a contemplative gesture
Am I Being Sexually Harrassed? Or Am I Just Sensitive?

December 8, 2023 | 12pm ET

Have you ever left an interaction and thought “Wait -what happened? Was that appropriate?”                                                                

Here’s the deal: if you have to ask, the reality is that something about the interaction was off. There’s a way to handle subtle sexual harassment that promotes two-way learning

When I served in the Marine Corps – an organization where I was one of 1,000 women managers out of 175,000 Marines – there was a time or two (or two hundred) when I felt I experienced harassment. I didn’t have HR to turn and address this situation (there’s no HR in the Marine Corps). 

Instead, I learned how to use my voice and confront the situation without escalating it to my boss. In this process, I learned how to state my boundaries, as well as what was and wasn’t an acceptable way to talk with me. We teach people how to treat us, and how to treat others.

What are you waiting for?

Learn from a Leadership Expert, Athlete, Marine, Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Mom.

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